Employer Perspective

FBI reports 300-400% increase in cyber attacks since the pandemic began.


Review overall IT setup – network, VPN configurations, devices, ports, etc.

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. – IBM

Require employee cybersecurity training.

“As organizations use VPNs for telework, more vulnerabilities are found and targeted by malicious cyber-actors” – Alert by US Department of Homeland Security

Heighten security on VPN connections and remote access.

Mandated password policies and strong protection measures.

80% of hacking-related breaches involved compromised and weak credentials.
– 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report

Establish multi-factor authenticationon remote sessions and monitor remote activity

Phishing is the top attack on businesses – responsible for 90% of security breaches. – 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report

Update security software to protect against phishing emails and ransomware.

Over 70% of data breaches occur at endpoints. – Security Magazine

Setup proper firewall configurations and endpoint protections.

Distribute company-issued devices secured and controlled by IT or implement BYOD policy.

Backup data in a centralized cloud to allow for team access while managing and protecting data.

The average lifecycle of a breach is 314 days from the breach to containment. – IBM

Prepare a cybersecurity events plan to quickly deploy remediation measures.

Employee Perspective

Google blocks 18 million COVID-related phishing emails daily.


Be aware and stay vigilant – much greater threat landscape for phishing scams.

Secure home WiFi routers and change default equipment passwords.
Lock all devices.

66% of people use the same password on multiple accounts. – LastPass

Create hard to guess logins and passwords – do not use the same credentials for accounts.

Only 37% of people use MFA at work. – LastPass


Set up multi-factor authentication.

Almost 60% of data breaches in the past two years were caused by missing patches. – The 2020 Cyber Hygiene Report

Follow all company policies, pay close attention to IT notifications and install updates, immediately.

Access and save data in company file storage system, such as SharePoint.

35% of exploitation activity stem from man-in-the-middle attacks. – IBM

Avoid working on open WiFi networks and create a guest WiFi network if you are sharing your internet in your household.